ARRAY JUNCTION BOX | Accurate Engineers


The array junction boxes are free of dust, vermin, and waterproof and made of MS CRCA/Thermo Plastic. The terminals will be connected to copper bus-bar arrangement of proper sizes. The array junction boxes will have suitable cable entry points fitted with cable glands of appropriate sizes for both incoming and outgoing cables.

Technical Specification Junction Boxes


Material Thermoplastic/MS CRCA


Dust, Vermin & Water proof

Hardware SS STANDARD OR 304

Cable Gland Thermoplastic/METAL



IP 65 enclosures with covers with Surge Protection Device (SPD) class-I/II, DC Fuse with holder and string disconnector.

Surge Protection Device (SPD): Internal surge protection shall consist of three MOV/GDT (glass discharge tube) type arrestors connected from +ve and ve terminals to earth (via Y arrangement) for higher withstand of the continuous PV-DC voltage during earth fault condition. SPD shall have safe disconnection and short circuit interruption arrangements through integrated DC inbuilt bypass fuse (parallel) which should get tripped during failure mode of MOV, extinguishing DC arc safely in order to protect the installation against fire hazards.

  1. A surge protection device in each sub-array line shall be provided to prevent the high current transients from entering into the DC bus. Busbar must be made from tinned plated copper.

  2. It must be with DC disconnect switch and DC fuses positive side shall have a voltage rating of 1000V DC, current rating as required